What is Constitutional Methodology?

Dr. Vimal Rastogi’s methodology differs from the conventional methods of treating patients. And, the difference is in the way it is done — its approach or methodology. His methodology is more holistic, totalistic, and individualistic in nature. To understand this concept he suggests looking at any diseases and conditions in their totality rather than treating them individually in isolation. All major diseases by their intrinsic nature are multi-factorial in their origin. Dr. Vimal Rastogi who is Homeopathy Doctor in Ghaziabad looks at the multi-factorial causations such as genetic, physical, emotional, etc., and treats the disease accordingly.

Limitations of Constitutional Methodology

There are several homeopaths following the Constitutional Methodology but there are very few who actually understand that even the constitutional methodology has its limitations. Luckily Dr. Vimal Rastogi knows about it in-depth and that is his differentiator amongst others.

And, the reality is that it doesn’t work in all cases. The concept of constitutional methodology is quite often over-glorified by many homeopaths, which eventually ends up bringing poor results. A good homeopath is the one who identifies the scope and limitation of this approach in a given case and treats the patient accordingly. Dr. Vimal Rastogi is not rigid in his application as certain categories of diseases need another methodology to cure them.

Dr. Vimal Rastogi’s Methodology

Dr. Rastogi’s methodology involves the study of the nature of the physical body, its reaction patterns, structure of the body, thinking, etc. History of the diseases that the patient has suffered in the past, the history of diseases that the patient’s family members have suffered. It demands the systematic study of mind, behavior patterns, emotional patterns, coping systems, etc.

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Dr. Rastogi is an acclaimed physician and a researcher. He is associated with The Council for Research & Educational Omniscience as Director, Alternative Medicines (India Chapter) and has conducted several free medication and counseling camps under this banner.

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