• Allergy is an exaggerated response of our immune system against any foreign invasion in the body like virus bacteria etc homeopathy improves our immune system without affecting our system adversely homeopathy works incoherence of body environment
  • Backache cervical Spondylitis are a major concern of the young population due to physical  and mental stress lack of exercise lack of sleep most people having this complaint homeopathy works very well in such cases by reducing the bad effect of stress on our neuromuscular System and thus relieving the pain and stiffness
  • Joint pain rheumatism Arthritis gout are some common complaints which are common in old aged people as well as adults homeopathy is a boon for such types of complaints cause many e patients to have the adverse effect of taking painkillers so often to reduce pain homeopathy is a safe and curative alternate for chronic and acute joint pains
  • Migraine is one of the most painful complaints majorly females suffer from this much lack of sleep stress Too many perfumes indigestion unrest can Trigger the pain sometimes it is one-sided or covering the whole head with vomiting nausea giddiness Vertigo
  • Stress is the most commonly widely affecting disease of the present era.  stress is one of the major causes of many physical and psychological problems .many systemic disorders are due to stress and anxiety. our lifestyle is badly disturbed due to very high competition and because of this many diseases get into our system and affect us badly. Homeopathy reduces the pressure from the mind and gives a feeling of well-being.
  • Hairfall, dandruff, frizzy hairs lifeless hairs are the main complaints of females and males these days. Baldness is like a curse for young people. Homeopathy not only cares for hair quality as well as reduces hair loss.
  • Skin allergy, Eczema, Vitiligo, Leucoderma, Psoriasis, Discoloration, Acne, Pimples Etc Can be cured by homeopathy completely.
  • panic attack is an intense wave of fear characterized by its unexpectedness and debilitating, immobilizing intensity. Your heart pounds, you can’t breathe, and you may feel like you’re dying or going crazy. Panic attacks often strike out of the blue, without any warning, and sometimes with no clear trigger.
  • So if you have any problems or diseases from the upper problems which we have written, then you need to consult a homeopathy doctor. If you are from Ghaziabad, then it is the best place for you to consult with a doctor. Dr. Vimal Rastogi who has 23 years of experience in the Homeopathy field, is the best Homeopathic Doctor in Ghaziabad. He will help you to give the proper homeopathy treatment and get rid of anxiety, stress, allergy, joint pain, migraine, hair fall, and other problems.

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Dr. Rastogi is an acclaimed physician and a researcher. He is associated with The Council for Research & Educational Omniscience as Director, Alternative Medicines (India Chapter) and has conducted several free medication and counseling camps under this banner.

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