Cervical Spondylitis & Homoeopathy

March 12, 2022 by dr_admin0

Cervical Spondylitis or neck pain is a major concern among young professionals. Due to lack of exercise ,poor posture, high stress level, corporate pressure etc many of us are suffering with mild to major symptoms of cervical spondylitis. Wrong posture leads to strain over soft tissues around vertebral column. Which later on develop inflammation, altered intervertebral disc spaces. Mild symptoms may be back stiffness off and on , desire to stretch neck too often, easily tiredness of neck etc to major symptoms like numbness, weakness of arms , neurological symptoms like formication etc. Need is to correct posture, lower your stress level , be communicative for all your stress inducing thoughts, do regular yoga exercises pranayama will relieve the pain and associated symptoms. Homoeopathy has a tremendous possibilities in cervical spondylitis . Homoeopathic medicines goes deep upto the root cause of disease, relieve inflamed tissues, reduce pain and cure completely. As neck pain reduces our concentration and productivity Homoeopathy restore strength and concentration very fast. Few homoeopathic medicines which can be used are Cocculus indicus 30, Lachnanthes 30, Cimicifuga 30, Avena sativa Q, Bryonia 30, Arnica 30 and Ruta 30. You can use these medicines after consulting competent homoeopath to cure yourself.

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