Migraine and Homoeopathy

March 12, 2022 by dr_admin0

Migraine , the most troublesome complaint a person can have in his or her life span. this is a kind of pain which can make you feeling mad. though its a common complaint these days but cause of it is still unknown. we can only find out some triggering factors which can cause the panic episode of the pain. females are more likely to have migraine than man. some triggering factors are hormonal changes, emotional and physical stress, lack of rest, acute smell, sunlight exposure, dietary regularities, indigestion & medicine induced. some studies suggest that it may be due to genetic. in females menstrual irregularity and menopause can trigger the pain. Stress, anxiety, tension, shock, depression, or excitement can trigger the pain. Unrest, poor quality sleep, irregular working hours and tiredness are some physical triggers. missed or delayed meals, dehydration, alcohol & specific foods like caffeine, tea, coffee may cause the pain. bright lights, too much computer and mobile screen time, loud noise, changes in climate, strong smells are some environmental triggers. migraine can be unpredictable only few common symptom be present with the patient having migraine like one sided headache bursting or pulsating pain severe up to the extent which force person to discontinue daily routine. Aggravated by exertion or moving about accompanied by unwell feeling and being sick. Light and noise sensitivity.
Treatment in homeopathic system of medicine completely believe in the totality of symptoms and treatment of person not the diseases but for some references I am quoting some medicines with their keynote symptoms. Few most common medicines are Belladona where pain is like it could burst the brain into pieces. Arnica Montana pain after traumatic injuries to head. Bryonia Alba where pain is aggravated by least motion of head or neck. China is a where pain is associated with exhaustion, weakness or anaemia after some debilitating disease. Cimicifuga where pain is associated with stiffness of neck and menstrual cycle. Ranunculus bulbosus is the medicine where migraine triggers when sudden change of weather take place. Nux Vomica headache aggravated by strong scents, loud noise, bright light, indigestion, hyperacidity and tension these are few common medicines which can be used, but again homoeopathic philosophy doesn’t allow to prescribe in this way coz such type of prescriptions only relieve the pain for some extent but to cure any disease one should visit to a qualified homeopathic physician who can treat the disease in totality.

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