Stress and its management

April 18, 2022 by dr_admin0

Stress, one of the most silent killer of present society. unfortunately those who are under stress of their corporate affairs most commonly affected by this .many psychosomatic disorders develops in people suffering from stress .patient start complaining of poor sleep on the first instance, tired feeling in morning with no desire to wake up. confusion of mind lack of concentration, low productivity,lonely feeling . when they start to live in solitude avoid company and become silent with no desire to talk to anyone with no desire to attend any gathering. Person under stress becomes more irritable and less communicative so physical symptoms are dryness of throat choking sensation in throat increased heartbeat palpitations cold sweat around neck and head. Homeopathy system of medicine has a quite broad scope in stress related disorders. As homeopathic medicines gets proved on healthy human being considering each and every aspect of body systems as psychological and body symptoms .as we study records and data of every homoeopathic medicine. we as a homoeopathic prescriber could understand and relate things upto the root cause level and prescribe accordingly. Homeopathic medicines are so much sophisticated and advance ,medicinal action once taken goes deep up to the root cause of the disease either it may be acquired,temporary or genetically induced, homeopathic medicines act amazingly well in conditions of stress and behavioural disorders.homeopathic medicines work in synchronisation of our body system,physiology & metabolism.that’s why these medicines are free from harmful effects cause of this when a medicine is in synchronisation with your vital force our system recognises it very well and promptly act accordingly to manage things which have been disturbed in condition of disease,homoeopathy cures each and every system in harmonious way thats why disease vanishes faster enough and completely.

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