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Allergic reaction in the body is abnormal reactiveness of our immune system. in such cases our immune defense system overreacts to certain pathogens like pollens, bacteria, viruses, fungus or any other microorganism. in such cases some people whose immunity is altered, catches infection by any of the stimulus present in environments like whether change, Pollen, dust particles, pollution, etc. these people react so vigorously against any of the stimulus or causative factor. homeopathy system of medicine works quite efficiently to cure such allergic reactions. homeopathy system always believes in curing the disease in its whole extent when a patient visits a competent homeopathic doctor who listens attentively to each and every present complaint, past history he enquires about family history, work environment, socio-economic condition, level of stress, and many more things which help the homeopathic physician to select best specific medicine for that particular patient. so many patients have been relieved from their chronic allergic illnesses forever. homeopathy leads to healthy, productive, and peaceful life for the people. this is the most scientific system of medicine that works quite efficiently for the suffering society.

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